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The SolucionES Project (Cooperation Agreement No. AID-519-A-12-00003) is an initiative of the Global Development Alliance consisting of six nonprofit foundations and organizations of the country to address crime and violence at both the municipal and national level. The alliance is led by the Business Foundation for Educational Development (FEPADE), which manages and guarantees the implementation of all Project goals, actions and activities. The other institutions are: National Foundation for Development (FUNDE), Salvadoran Foundation for Health and Human Development (FUSAL), Glasswing International, Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development (FUSADES) and Sagrera-Palomo Foundation/Country Project. A triple strategy to prevent crime and violence will be implemented, which consists of:

-Strengthening crime and violence prevention at the municipal level.
-Increasing social investment from the private sector to prevent crime and violence.
-Research, publications and dissemination to inform about decision making on crime and violence prevention.

The project will last 5 years (2012-17) and amounts to a total of US$42 million, from which US$20 million come from USAID funding and the remaining US$22 million in form of leverage funds.

The Project and the Role of FUNDE

Under the framework of the project, FUNDE is responsible for implementing activities that are part of Component I “Municipal Crime and Violence Prevention” and Component III “Research and Publications”.

In relation to the first component, FUNDE will work with five municipalities in two key areas: strengthening capacities of the Crime and Violence Prevention Municipal Councils and implementation of community development projects with youth and young adults.

FUNDE will evaluate the existing capacities of municipal councils who have already received support from other programs funded by USAID. Building on the existing capacity, FUNDE will provide technical assistance to the municipal councils in crime and violence prevention so that they can develop and implement their own diagnostics and prevention plans in their municipality. The main activities for community development projects with youth will be carried out until 2014. However, gatherings with youth organizations and resource fairs on violence prevention have been programmed for the year 2013.

Under the third component, FUNDE will be responsible for the research, publication and dissemination of at least four research projects. For the year 2013, FUNDE aims to conduct two research studies:

1.    “Best Practices in Violence Prevention”. This is a comparative study of El Salvador and the region on the best practices for crime and violence prevention at the national and municipal level. The study aims to develop a frame of reference on policies, programs, strategies and interventions that are reducing crime and violence rates, either in a municipality of El Salvador or another country.
2.    “The Role of Gang Negotiations in Crime and Violence Prevention”. Through various case studies, the role of gang negotiations will be reviewed in the United States, El Salvador and other countries in Latin America to draw lessons on the impact of negotiations on crime and violence prevention.


Following the agreement guidelines, FUNDE will execute a total of US$1,893,546.29, distributed the following way:

Component I: US$1,498,117.76
Component III: US$395,428.53

Sub Agreement: Fundación Nacional para el Desarrollo -FUNDE Proyecto de Inversión para el Futuro (PIF) / Investing in the Future Project Cooperative Agreement No. AID-519-A-12-00003

COMPONENT I: Strengthening Municipal Crime and Violence Prevention


COMPONENT III: Research and dissemination to inform decision-making on crime and violence prevention


Duration of the Project

FUNDE will formally implement the intervention from November 8th 2012 until July 15th 2017.

Project Staff (full-time and part-time):


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