Institución  investigadora y formuladora de políticas socioeconómicas para el desarrollo de la población en El Salvador

Public Security and Development

Special Program “Public Security and Development”

This program targets its efforts in the topics of crime and violence prevention and supports employment and productive insertion/reinsertion initiatives that open up opportunities for at-risk youth or who are in conflict with the law, including training activities, technical assistance and promotion of best labor standards, using different approaches and towards different sectors of society.

General Objective:
Contribute to the peaceful coexistence amongst citizens.

Specific Objectives:
-Prevent violence and crime in the youth and women sector.
-Support the insertion and rehabilitation process of people in conflict with the law.

The program is currently in its formation stage and is managing different initiatives aimed at meeting the above objectives. However, activities began in November 2012 under the framework of the SolucionES project sponsored by USAID, which is described below.

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